Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another teenager!

Happy 13th birthday bub!

 A day that you have been waiting for forever, you are finally a teenager! 

You are such a goof ball. Your difficult and wonderful. You are smart and loving and talented. You have such a huge heart. You love every animal you see and want to be friends with every person you meet.  

The day you entered our lives was a wonderful day. My little tax deduction that came just in time. My New Years Eve baby. 
Someday, unfortunately to soon for me to like, you will love that you were born on New Years Eve. Everyone in the world celebrates your day with you!  

 You add so much joy and love to our lives. You are a nut. You are moody and unpredictable, but in the best ways. There are days when I really want to kick your butt, but then you do something like sticking gummy bears to your upper lip to give yourself a "bear-stache" and we can't help but laugh our butts off. 

Some days I truly believe that you have an old soul. You are far wiser than most of your peers. You amaze me. Every year we are blessed enough to celebrate your birth is a gift from God. 

So my little Mach-a-doodle, on this day that you have waited years for we will celebrate your 13th birthday. And we will keep praying and hoping that we will have 100 more years to celebrate you!

Happy Birthday Bub!