Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I can't believe I am finally doing it! In less than a month I will be a full-time student again! I am so excited I can't stand it! I have been wanting to go back to college FOREVER.

I love learning. I went to college right out of high school. Started my first semester 4 months pregnant with my oldest. I was the best time of my life.  I didn't have the traditional college experience because I was pregnant but I wouldn't have changed a thing. I was going to school to be a RN. I was taking classes with my mom. I made new friends. I just loved everything about college.

I was at the end of my 3rd semester of RN school when my life decide to say "FU, you aren't finishing this". It all started with failing a course (something I had never done), by a 1/10th of a point! The teacher wouldn't let me do anything to make it up and I was devastated. Then my personal life fell apart....I never went back.

18 years later, I am FINALLY able to start again. I am not going for nursing this time. This time I have decided to go for something that means A LOT to me and that I already KNOW A LOT about....Respiratory Therapy.

I am so excited to start this new venture. I need a new direction in my life and I am so glad that I can finally do something that will make my kids proud of me. That is my biggest goal....to have my kids look at me and say "mom we are so proud of you".