Monday, July 8, 2013

Some welcome changes

I have been MIA for a couple weeks due to a lot of things going on in my life right now. What was planned on being just a short visit back to NY to watch my oldest nephew graduate high school has now turned into a permanent relocation back.

There were a lot of things that led up to this relocation, some that I wont go into on here because they are just to personal to put out there into the internet world. Our biggest thing was we just simply make more money here than we did down in FL. When we moved to FL we thought it would be a great thing. My husband would get to stop driving truck, which would mean A LOT more family time. We did not anticipate that he would not find a job down there that was as financially lucrative as his truck driving (we took a $40,000+ drop in pay OUCH).

Then there are the kids. While our little girl is a social butterfly and can make friends anywhere, our son just doesn't have the social skills to do so (at 12 he has 3 very close friends. (all in NY) It's that whole PDD/Aspergers thing). Moving to FL was pretty devastating to him, he was unhappy and missed his friends tremendously. They were thrilled to hear our decision to move back to what they consider their home town. Literally within 24 hours they were in touch with their best friends and making plans. I love seeing them so happy again. It makes a huge difference in our coping abilities (even mine) to be around friends.

And of course there is my family. While I adore and love my husbands family very much, I am so much happier when I am close to my parents and my sister. They may irritate and aggravate me at times, but it's nice to have my mom just down the road if Zach gets sick again (she's a nurse). I have always found it weird that I (the yankee) love having my family close more than my husband (born and raised southerner) does (not that he doesn't like being near them)...I don't know why, I guess I always that southern families liked to stay close together. Guess that is a misconception on my part. (I hope that didn't come off mean sounding to my in-laws, it wasn't meant to mean anything just an observation on my part).

While at this point in time my husband is still stuck in FL while we get everything in place here things are finally starting to look up again. I immediately was offered my job back. The kids are all registered for next school year, they are attending the summer recreation program with most of their friends. We are spending a lot of time down at my sisters camp on the water. And of course we are all spending time with our friends. We miss Ty and the rest of our FL family, but we are all happy being home again....There is definitely NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

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